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Terms of business

In case of discrepancy in interpretation, the Danish version shall prevail.       dk

These terms and conditions apply to all tasks that the Plumber (hereinafter referred to as the company) undertakes, unless otherwise agreed in writing.

When you do business with us, all communication such as invoice & reminders is digital, which is why we ask you to provide your name, address, tel. & email address.

Unless otherwise agreed an agreement on the execution of offer work at customer acceptance of the order confirmation.
Additional work agreed by a supplementary agreement and charged separately.

For all other works including acute cases “after hour service” is carried out on the basis of customer information over the telephone.
* There is no right of cancellation if the service is provided during the withdrawal period.

* Hired equipment is picked up during the company’s opening hours, after prior written agreement via the contact page.

Work, Estimate & Cancellation
All amounts is in Danish kroner and include VAT for consumers, but excluding freight charges, fees and parking fee.

Unless otherwise agreed, the quoted price is an estimated retail price perspective, why reservation is taken for that there may appear a higher final price.

Unless otherwise agreed in writing, the service is done on an hourly basis, plus material costs, etc. If an ongoing task extends beyond normal business hours, this will be calculated as the hourly rate in our emergency service.

Unless otherwise agreed in writing, the company’s price estimate/offer is valid for 14 days. If any, a order confirmation differs from the customer’s order, the customer must inform us immediately and before the start of the work. The company is bound only by the content of the order confirmation.

If you ordered work and or products by phone, mail or contact form on the website and requested that the installation commences within 14 days i.e. within the period where you have the option to cancel the purchase, and you subsequently decide to cancel the purchase, you will be required to pay for the part of the service already provided.
* The right of withdrawal does not apply when the product is installed or taken into use.

If incorrect information is provided or ordered a product that can not be installed so that the installation can not be implemented, a fee of dkk 1,500 is charged to cover futile drive, etc. If you are unsure whether the product can be installed, you will be required to seek advice from the company. Generally, it is your responsibility as a customer to read product and installation description so you are aware of technical requirements to the product causes. 

* The company assumes no function or other responsibility for customer deliveries.

Settlement for the *total time spent by invoicing containing receipt of order, commissioning of the installer, driving, tel/text-messages, collection of materiels, completing authority imposed quality papers, filing to guarantee scheme, unpacking and possible cleaning of consumed tools, waste disposal and other preparatory and closing tasks.

Emergency plumbing service is all work/tel. Outside the company’s regular business hours as well as weekends & holidays and is settled for the *total time spent per commenced hour.

Settlement is 10 per cent. of the estimate-/contract price if canceled after the agreement.

Cancellation of an ordered service must be notified within 3 working days before the agreed time. No show or cancellation later than specified settled always in a vain visits and charged with the allocated time, minimum of 2 hours.

Cancellation of a service call ordered the same day or interruption of a work in progress is settled with an unsuccessful visit to meet the deposed working time.

Payment terms
It is the responsibility of the customer/contracting entity in a timely and complete manner to provide all relevant information and bear the risk of the consequences that inaccurate, incorrect or incomplete information has on the company. If this entails additional work, the company is entitled to compensation of DKK 1,200 per commenced hour.
* By customer/contracting entity means the person, who has requested the work.

The terms of payment are net cash by online banking and are settled at the time of execution of the work, after which the invoice is sent.
The company reserves the right to on-account invoicing, and to require collateral. Our continued work requires payment thereof.

Any counterclaim, including any remedies shall not entitle the customer to fully or partially set-off or retention of the amount due.

Any discount lapses if all amounts due is not paid on time.

Work is settled per commenced full hour for the *total time spent by invoicing containing receipt of order, commissioning of the installer, driving to and from, tel/text-messages, collection of materiels, completing authority imposed quality papers, filing to guarantee scheme and other preparatory and closing tasks.
Special tools such as cleaning machines, decomposition tools is settled separately.

For non-payment of overdue invoices, bankruptcy, restructuring, lack of adequate security or the client’s financial situation, the company reserves the right to immediately stop the work or terminate the agreement. The company retains ownership of all deliveries until full payment has been made.

Payment breach, is always significant.

If the amount due isn´t paid timely, accrue from the due date a monthly interest rate of 2% per commenced month will accrue on the balance due and until payment is made.

Performance of work
The company strives to organize work properly and carry out the work within the estimated and indicative timetable. Reservations are made for extra work, anomalies in their construction or unforeseen events, etc., May extend the estimated and indicative timetable and cost.
Please ensure that the workplace is cleared for occupancy, the company assumes no responsibility for any damage to this.

Subject to the durability of existing materials in connection with the work, function and reassembly. Not illuminated installations, wiring etc. located in the work area the company assumes no responsibility in the event of damage during the assignment.


Complaints must always be made promptly, in writing and within 8 days after the defects are discovered or should have been discovered and contain photo, invoice no. as well as a specification of the defect (s) being claimed. If the deadline is exceeded, the customer forfeits any right to object to the defect.

The warranty only applies to the part of the work/materials that is delivered and installed by the company, and the company’s invoice must be paid before a complaint can be processed.

Complaints are only processed during the company’s opening hours and the company does not compensate for expenses or losses that the defect may otherwise have caused the buyer.

The company is entitled to remedy, and it is its decision of a deficiency must be remedied by replacement, remedy or inform the purchaser a proportional reduction.

In case of complaint, the purchaser is not entitled to dispose of the delivery or return it to the company without its written approval.

By unjustified complaint, the company will invoice the buyer for the time spent and costs.

Other important terms
The company is only responsible for product liability in accordance with the Danish product liability act, and is under no circumstances responsible for operating losses, lost earnings, consequential damages or other indirect loss or costs.

The company’s liability for defects or other compensation is limited and maximized to the invoiced amount.

Claims against the company must be raised within 12 months after handover/ completion otherwise the claim will lapse.
The company is not liable for damage to property or movable property that occurs while the goods are in the possession of the buyer.

Damage due to lack of maintenance or inspection of the product is not covered.

If any part of these terms is found to be invalid or unenforceable, the remaining parts of these terms will continue in full force and effect.
We reserve the right to make changes to these terms in the future without giving notice. Any changes will be posted to this website and will take effect immediately. Therefore, you should read these terms before ordering work with us.

Service and maintenance
We refer to the manufacturer’s instructions and guidance.

In the event of a dispute, the consumer may choose to lodge a complaint with:
Byggeriets Ankenævn, H.C. Andersens Boulevard 18, 1553 Copenhagen V