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Bathroom & Kitchen renovations

Bathroom & Kitchen renovations
Whether you are completing a simple fixture replacement or a complete 
multi-bathroom and kitchen renovation, we can work with you or your General Contractor to complete your project.

A new bathroom is the perfect way to add value to your property, and create a whole new level of comfort and luxury.

Renovation and extension works will inevitably involve stripping out old pipework to update or redirect plumbing runs, making it the perfect time to fix any niggling concerns.
Too many of us put up with bad plumbing — low water pressure, fluctuating temperatures, slow drainage, or exposed pipework. But while the evidence of a problem is clear to see, the cause can be harder to diagnose — often a result of a badly designed system or one which has been thoughtlessly extended but not upgraded. The good news is that many problems are inexpensive to fix when renovation work is already being carried out.

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